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Double Edge Shaving Kit - Beginners

Brand:Cut Throat Club
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Our Most Affordable Kit

Our most affordable razor kit, the double edge razor kit contains everything you need to get started in the world of wet shaving including:

  • A high quality, German manufactured Merkur double edge razor
  • 10 x sharp double edge razor blades
  • A synthetic hair shaving brush
  • A shaving soap

Included with 10 x razor blades, so you do not need to worry about sharpening this razor - just pop in another blade when you need it. This means you don't need to buy or use any strops or honing stones.

Double Edge Razors

A double edge razor is also much more similar to use to a standard disposable razor than a straight razor so it doesn't take as long to learn.

The advantage compared with a disposable razor is that you only have to replace the blade, not the entire razor. This means that you significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste that is generated.

It also means that you can get a stylish and high performing razor that you can hand down from one generation to the next.

It is also a perfect gift idea for any birthday, father's day, or Christmas.

Synthetic Shaving Brush

Using a shaving brush also softens the facial hair and lifts it, allowing your straight razor to get underneath each individual hair and results in the closest shave you have ever experienced.

  • Synthetic fiber hair
  • Chrome plastic handle
  • Height 12.5 cm

Wool Fat Shaving Soap


If you ask an experienced wet shaver "What is your favourite shaving soap?" the most common answer by far is Mitchell's Original Wool Fat Shaving Soap.

Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap contains natural lanolin from sheep's wool and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. 

  • Original 1893 Formula
  • Natural Lanolin from sheep's wool keeps the skin soft
  • Gentle and soothing
  • Ideal for sensitive skin

Replacement Razor Blades

Replacement blades are available here if you would like to order more. The 10 blades it comes with giving you at least 20 shaves if you want a fresh blade for every shave.

Cut Throat Club's Mission

Cut Throat Club is committed to promoting the straight edge razor lifestyle. A high quality straight edge razor will give you the closest shave possible for years to come. 

We are passionate about quality, affordability and value for money.

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