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Boker 'Olive Wood' 5/8" Cut Throat Razor

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Boker is one of the world's premier cut throat razor manufacturing based in Solingen, Germany.

This razor has a silver steel blade with a 5/8" width, which allows for a lot of cream storage so you don't need to rinse it off as often. It also has a round point which is more forgiving. The scales are made from olive wood.

This razor is hand-honed in the factory and is shave ready.

Shipped with an authenticity certificate and in historical packaging.


Product Specifications

Blade Material - Silver Steel

Blade Width - 5/8"

Blade Shape - Round Point

Handle Material - Olive Wood


About Boker 

Since 1869, the famous knives with the world-famous Boker tree brand have been manufactured by hand in Solingen, the city of blades. The well-balanced mixture of traditional knives and the high significance of manual work in their factory inspires a very broad spectrum of knife lovers and users and gives them a leading market position in the field of sports knives throughout Europe today. 


Cut Throat Club's Mission 

Cut Throat Club is committed to promoting the straight edge razor lifestyle. A high-quality straight edge razor will give you the closest shave possible for years to come.  

We are passionate about quality, affordability, and value for money. 

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