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  • Cut Throat Club Small Razor Box
  • Cut Throat Club Small Razor Box

Cut Throat Club Small Razor Box

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** Boxes are made to order and there is a 3 week lead time **

One of the most important and easily forgotten about aspects of maintaining your shaving gear is storage. Leaving your equipment out in the damp and humid environment of the bathroom is a recipe for disaster and will almost guarantee to rust, foul, and general damage to your razor.

Some people meticulously dry every component of their razor after each use, others store them wrapped in a towel, or in a leather case. We have found a great way to protect your equipment from water, cats, kids, and housemates is a Cut Throat Club razor box.

This box is a smaller version of our original straight edge razor box.

It has been specifically designed to store a smaller razor, such as a double edge razor or a shavette, a shaving brush, shaving soap, and some extra razor blades.

It is a pine box with a sliding lid and the Cut Throat Club logo. There is also wood wool inside as both decoration and packaging.

Keep everything safe and dry in this container to help maintain your gear in perfect condition.

Cut Throat Club's Mission 

Cut Throat Club is committed to promoting the straight edge razor lifestyle. A high-quality straight edge razor will give you the closest shave possible for years to come.  

We are passionate about quality, affordability, and value for money. 

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