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Cut Throat Razor and Strop Combo

Brand:Dovo Solingen
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  • Dovo Stropping Balm

    Dovo Stropping Balm

The beginners cut throat razor is designed for first time straight razor users. It is a Dovo Solingen Cellidor Cut Throat Razor. Manufactured in Germany by one of the best razor producers around.

Cut Throat Razor

A lot of the cheap, 'beginner' razors on offer are of very poor quality, are blunt, and do not hold their edge after sharpening. They are also made of stainless steel which is easy to sharpen but even easier to blunt.

This razor is not like the rest.

It is a high-quality blade and is featured in some of our straight edge razor kits.

The blade is also made of carbon steel which holds its edge for much longer. Purchasing the razor alone will give you a feel for the benefits wet shaving offers.

This razor is hand-honed in the factory and is shave ready.

Leather Strop

This package comes with a Dovo Leather Strop. The strop will help you to keep your razor sharp by aligning misaligned metal fibres in the blade.

After every shave run your razor across the fabric side of the strop 20 times to remove any soap, metal filings from the razor. Then run your razor across the leather side of the strop 20 times to realign the razor edge and keep it sharper for longer.

Product Features

  • 👍 5/8" Blade
  • 👍 Round Point
  • 👍 Carbon Steel Blade
  • 👍 Black Plastic Handle
  • 👍 Strop width - 4.5 cm
  • 👍 Strop length - 38 cm


About Dovo Solingen

Dovo Solingen was founded in 1906 with a forge, hollow, and grinding shop to produce straight razors. Dovo is now the premier cut throat razor manufacturer in the world and is renowned for producing the best wet shaving gear anywhere. 

Cut Throat Club's Mission

Cut Throat Club is committed to promoting the straight edge razor lifestyle. A high-quality straight edge razor will give you the closest shave possible for years to come. 

We are passionate about quality, affordability and value for money.

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