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Giesen & Forsthoff Timor Lion - Horn Handle 5/8 (#573)

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Luxury straight razor with wider blade from carbon steel with logo “Timor Lion” and scales from real horn. Hand gilded back with engraving.

- Blade: carbon steel
- Blade width: 6/8"
- Head: Round point
- Grind: Full hollow ground
- Logo: Timor Lion
- Hand gilded back with engraving
- Scales: Blonde horn
- Packed in paper gift box
- Hand made traditionally by Giesen & Forsthoff
- Made in Solingen, Germany

Quality from Solingen, Germany – products made by Giesen & Forsthoff.
With professional craftsmen G&F still produces at the origin location in Solingen. The fine straight razors, handmade and selective, are what G&F is known for worldwide. Specialists are still being educated in the company, to pass on the knowledge and passion to the next generation and to

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