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  • Shapton Honing Stone - #16000 Grit

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Shapton Honing Stone - #16000 Grit

Brand: Shapton
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Keeping your new straight razor sharp is critical to ensuring you will get the closest shave for the life of your blade, and a good quality honing stone is key to sharpening your razor.

While stropping the razor will keep the razor's edge aligned and keep its edge on a day to day basis, in the long term a honing stone is what will keep the razor sharp.

This #16000 grit honing stone is perfect for any razor owner from beginner to expert. Known as a finishing stone - this is one of the finest grades of honing stones to give your razor blade the sharpest edge. Use this to hone your razor to get an incredible edge.

The stone is made up of a 5mm glass backing fused to a 5mm ceramic stone which guarantees a perfect flat surface.



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