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  • Shapton Honing Stone - #8000 Grit

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Shapton Honing Stone - #8000 Grit

Brand: Shapton
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Keeping your new straight razor sharp is critical to ensuring you will get the closest shave for the life of your blade, and a good quality honing stone is key to sharpening your razor.

While stropping the razor will keep the razor's edge aligned and keep its edge on a day to day basis, in the long term a honing stone is what will keep the razor sharp. Use this to hone your razors edge on a regular basis.

This #8000 grit honing stone is perfect for any razor owner from beginner to expert.

The stone is made up of a 5mm glass backing fused to a 5mm ceramic stone which guarantees a perfect flat surface.

Number 1 most frequently asked question - which side do I use? You run your razor across the white ceramic side without any writing on it.

If you are looking at bringing a blunt razor back from the dead then consider using this in conjunction with a #4000 grit honing stone.

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