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  • Muhle Two-Sided Leather and Fabric Hanging Strop

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Muhle Two-Sided Leather and Fabric Hanging Strop

Brand: Muhle
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Fabric and Leather Strop

The key to maintaining a straight razor is to keep it sharp. Every stroke of a razor begins to blunt the edge and over time this can result in less than optimum performance.

As a razor becomes blunter it can take more effort and more strokes to get the desired shave which is when cuts become more likely.


Muhle Manufacturer

This Muhle strop is made from leather on one side and fabric on the other which allows you to keep your razor sharp after every shave. Stropping the blade re-aligns any blunt edges or indentations and is an important step to making sure your straight razor will last for many years.


How to use?

Simply do 20 laps on the fabric side followed by 20 laps on the leather side before every shave to keep your razor's blade in top condition.



  • Strop width - 4.5 cm
  • Strop length - 38 cm

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