Straight Razors

A straight razor cuts different.

For a steamy date, a tough interview or your big day, you need a cut throat razor that works as hard as you do. Delivering a crisp, sharp finish, a straight edge razor is perfect for those expert finishing touches.

Throw that old cartridge razor in the bin where it belongs and upgrade your shaving kit with a quality carbon steel straight razor.

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What to consider when buying a straight razor?

Choosing a cut throat razor can be a bit daunting, theres so many different factors to take into account when choosing the perfect blade for you. We've listed below some key options to consider before making your first purchase.

Cut Throats as Sharp as You Look

You just can't get a great shave with a disposable razor. Leaving you with a face of cuts and a shave that's never quite close enough, a disposable razor shouldn't be a part of a man's daily routine.

So say goodbye to wasteful, plastic razors and welcome a cut throat to your morning routine that delivers a professional shave every time. Use a straight razor for life: no more replacement blades necessary.

We're on a mission to bring back wet straight razor shaving and to rid your face of red bumps and cuts for good. Select a straight razor from the Cut Throat Club and discover the joy of giving yourself an expert shave with a barber straight razor at home.

Nothing beats Tradition: Stainless Steel Straight Razor

Maybe it's the ritual, a sense of nostalgia, or the feeling of the closest shave you'll ever have right in your bathroom. Whatever it is, there's a reason straight razor shaving is preferred by men worldwide: nothing beats tradition.

Whether you're a seasoned expert or getting started with straight razors for beginners, a straight razor delivers that rugged precision that your beard deserves.

Straight Razor FAQs

Where can I buy straight razors?

There's no place better to buy a straight blade than Cut Throat Club. Whether you're an expert with a straight blade razor or just starting your wet shaving journey, we've got the perfect cut throat.

What's the best straight razor for beginners

Total beginners can easily get to grips with a straight razor. Our range of wet shaving kits are equipped with everything you need to get ready in style! Check out our straight razor kits today

Why is a carbon steel straight razor the best

Quality and endurance are essential to a smooth shaving routine. We believe we sell the best blades that stay sharper for longer and hone to a precise edge. Carbon Steel is the ultimate choice for cut throat razors.

What straight razor blades do barbers use?

A barber blade razor is a cut throat or a straight edge razor. Barbers choose them for being easy on the skin and cutting a close shave. A wet shave with a straight edge razor is smoother than with a disposable razor. Some barbers opt for a shavette (similar to a straight razor but with disposable blades) so there’s no need to go to the barber shop anymore!