Shavette Razors

A perfect grooming experience can be a hassle, especially if you do not have the right razor blade. At Cut Throat Club, we bring you uniquely designed shavette blades that are vetted and curated to ensure that they meet our quality standards.

Our shavette straight razors have an exemplary design, giving you a seamless styling experience with minimal hassle. Since you don’t need to sharpen or hone, you can easily replace the blade with a new one.

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Handmade, Honed, High-Quality Shavette Blades

At Cut Throat Club, we put our best efforts into finding high-quality, handmade products from top global brands. As a result, every blade we sell is unique and has its own story. The high-quality carbon steel is sharp and durable, designed to hold its edge for months. 

Besides, our reliable custom packaging ensures complete safety to the blades on the inside, adding to their extended shelf life. 

Experience The Elegant Finish Of Shavette Straight Razors

The shavette razor blades that we sell are destined to make place in your shaving kit. Unlike most shavettes, our blade has a sleek design. Even barbers across the UK have vouched for our blades’ clean and smooth performance. When paired with a lightweight stainless steel design, it provides additional control when running the shavette razors for a perfect shave. 

Razor Blades Couldn’t Get Any Simple!

Our shavette razor blades don’t just add to the functionality; they’re simple to use too. Just pick your favourite razor, keep our shavette blades handy, snap it in half, and place it in the razor. It’s that simple!

We don’t just sell the best blades; we sell high-quality blades over disposable plastics and store them in a custom-designed box. Our varied kits come with products suitable for beginners to give them an excellent shaving experience. 

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