Wet Shaving Accessories

A shaving routine as individual as you.

From shaving balms to leather cases, microfiber cloths to a beard brush, the accessories in your dream wet shaving routine are all down to you.

Discover our extensive range of professional-grade quality wet shave accessories recommended by professional barbers. Renowned for exceptional quality, we're proud to stock wet shave accessories by Dovo Solingen, Alexander Simpson, and many more among our collection pages.

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Wet Shaving Accessories For The Perfect Finish

Every aspect of the grooming experience is crucial. From choosing your straight razor blades to picking the right shaving creams and soaps for skin protection and care, every step is personal. When you choose a razor from Cut Throat Club, you're choosing a lifestyle of sustainable and reusable shaving.

With our wet shaving accessories, enhance the durability of your razor blade. Dry it on a razor stand to protect it from rusting and refine it regularly with a leather strop. Clean it carefully with a fine microfiber cloth, and protect it from rust with a razor oil. Looking after your razor is a routine in itself.

Explore our wet shaving accessories to build your perfect toolkit.

Wet Shaving Accessories - FAQs

What do you need for wet shaving?

Our range of wet shaving accessories includes soaps and creams to work up a thick lather and a shaving brush to help create the perfect shave base. Add an aftershave balm for skin protection. Then, look after your razor with a razor stand and oil to keep your blade free from rust. There are many wet shaving accessories to choose from to create your own dream routine.

What do you need to shave with a straight razor?

A straight razor is an investment and requires a few more things to keep it in peak condition. A honing stone and leather strop maintain a razor well. Razor oil can take care of the rust and protect the blade from corrosion. A razor stand is a great place to protect your razor from dust and debris. A razor storage kit keeps your blade safe for travelling and away from prying little fingers; choosing wet shave accessories is up to you.