Sharpening Service

Our general advice is to learn how to hone yourself - it is a great skill to master and means that your razors will always be sharp.

To keep your razor sharp you'll need to acquire 

 We've also written a blog post detailing how stropping & honing works, so if you're interested check out the article here

Some people, However don't want to spend the money or the time.

Cut Throat Club has a partnership with Freehand Creations. Ajax runs a post in, post back honing service that we have had lots of success with in the past. 


Our Recommendation

Ajax Fitton - Freehand Creations


Why use a Honemeister?

We would recommend a honemeister to anyone who just wants their razor to work. Lots of people are happy to spend thousands of dollars on sharpening/honing equipment, and are happy to put the time in to learn how to hone their own razors, but some people just want a razor that works.

They want to know that they have someone with the knowledge, specialty tools, and experience; on hand to bring their razor back up to 100% every time.


How Does it Work?

Ajax operates exclusively via mail.
Get in touch when you are interested to get your razor honed. Include your name, number, and email - then send the razor to his PO Box.

Once it's done he ships it back in either the envelope you provide for the return journey, or if not provided then it will be shipped in a satchel. Ajax charges an additional $10 for postage.


How Much Does it Cost?

It costs $60 to hone a razor, but that goes up if the razor blade's edge needs to be recut, such as in the event of chips, or if the razor needs to be refurbished.

Postage back costs $10 as mentioned above.


What Next?

Get in contact with Ajax at his facebook page or website to book in your razor for sharpening or get more information.

Facebook: Freehand Creations



Ajax is also happy to talk with anyone who wants to learn more about honing your own razor. He is a master and it is well worth the conversation.