Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a cut throat razor?

Straight edge or cut throat razors provide the closest shave possible without resorting to buying dozens and dozens of disposable razors every year. They turn a chore into an activity that becomes very raw and enjoyable.

The benefits for shaving with a straight razor include:

  • Get a better shave than disposable razors
  • Use the same razor for the rest of your life
  • Reduced cost of purchasing disposable razors every week
  • Get a reaction out of your friends
  • Start an interesting and exciting new hobby
  • Its fun!

It is hard to explain just how much better straight razors are than cheap, disposable, safety razors - we highly recommend trying it and are certain you won't go back. 


Straight razors are scary! Is there anything else?

Yes. There are two alternatives to straight razors that are both better than safety razors - double edge and shavettes.

Double edge razors are a good stepping stone from safety razors to wet shaving because they use a similar technique. The difference is that they use disposable blades so require no maintenance on the blade.

See our range of double edge razors here.

Shavette's are another stepping stone. They are the same shape and style as a straight razor but use disposable blades. This gives a similar close shave to straight razors but without the blade maintenance of stropping and honing.

See our range of shavette's here.


How to shave with a straight razor?

Shaving with a straight razor takes time to master, but provides a much closer, and funner way to shave. See our instructions here for more details on our Complete Beginner's Guide to Cut Throat Razors


How to use a strop?

Stropping is one of the primary methods to care for your razor. Strops can be either fabric or leather, which is used to remove excess metal and to sharpen the blade. To use a strop hold the blade flat against the strop and run it diagonally up and down. A general principle is to run up the fabric strop 20 times and the leather 20 times after every use. This will ensure your straight edge razor is sharp and well maintained for years to come.

Please see our detailed instructions here within our beginner's guide to straight razors.


How to take care of your new razor?

Proper storage is critical in ensuring your razor will be well maintained. It is advisable to sharpen and strop the razor after every use. It should also be washed and dried before storage. If for any reason there is a need for long term storage the razor blade should be oiled to avoid rust.


Do you offer sharpening services?

Cut Throat Club has a partnership with Freehand Creations - a Melbourne based Honemeister who uses a post in/post back sharpening service. Get in touch with Ajax to learn more.


Are cut throat razors suitable for women?

A common question we get is "Are straight razors suitable for shaving a woman's legs?" The answer is Yes! Because a straight razor is so sharp it provides the closest shave, and eliminates a lot of problems with ingrown hairs and sensitive skin.


Are your razors 'Shave Ready'?

Yes - all of our razors are hand honed in the factory. We only import razors from the most reputable manufacturers in Germany, France, and the UK. While they might not be as sharp as a professional honemaster can deliver they are certainly sharp enough to begin shaving with. 


Are straight razors/cut throat razors allowed on planes?

According to the Department of Home Affairs, 'open/straight razors' are prohibited to be carried on board an aircraft and if you have any of these items in your carry-on baggage, you will need to surrender these at the screening point.


Our Returns Policy

Quality is the key to our organization. We guarantee high quality products. Our razors are factory sharp. We offer full money back on any problems identified with the products. Please contact us for any assistance required.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions ask. Just get in contact us at and we strive to help out.

See our official returns and refunds policy here.


Shipping FAQ

We ship using Australia Post and strive to dispatch your order within 24 hours of purchase. Shipping is free on all orders over $100 Australia wide.

Express postage is also available at an extra cost.

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