Styptic Pencils & Alum Blocks

Stop those shaving cuts from bleeding instantly using one of our Alum sticks or a Styptic pencil. Often an oversight for beginners to wet shaving, but a crucial bit of kit for a frequent shaver to make the shaving process a breeze even when you do get a little nick!

Styptic Pencils & Alum Blocks
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    Omega Alum Stick 60g

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    Omega Alum Stick 60g
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    Styptic pencil

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    Styptic pencilStyptic pencil
  • Osma Laboratoires Alum Block 75 g

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    Osma Laboratoires Alum Block 75 gOsma Laboratoires Alum Block 75 g
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items.

Why Use a Styptic Pencil?

A Styptic Pencil is a small stick made from a type of powdered alum crystal that contains potassium aluminium sulphate. This is anaturally occurring mineral and has actually been used for thousands of years. For example, the ancient Egyptians were known to use it in the mumification process!

A Styptic Pencil, however, has quite a different use. No matter how efficient and careful you are shaving, you may end up with some small nicks and cuts. These can be incredibly irritant and uncomfortable.

By applying a Styptic Pencil directly to those cuts, you can hasten the clotting process and thus seal the wound and prevent bleeding. The properties of the pencil will also help protect your skin against infection and reduce the need for plasters or tiny piece of toilet paper.

Why Use an Alum Block?

An alum block is made from the same potassium aluminium sulphate crystal that is used in Styptic Pencils. The crystal is typically shaped into a rectangular block and you use it to rub over your skin after shaving.

Alum blocks are meant to sooth your skin and reduce irritation after a wet shave. Also, the crystal has antiseptic properties and thus provides amazing relief from the burns you can experience when using a razor. The block also works as an astringent and thus can stop bleeding from those annoying cuts and nicks.

If you wet shave, an alum block is an essential accessory. Even if you are an incredibly patient and masterful shaver, your skin can still benefit from the soothing and antiseptic properties of an alum block. You will feel refreshed, and it will soon become part of your shaving ritual.

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