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Synthetic Shaving Brush - Black Acrylic Handle by Rochè

Brand: Rochè
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  • Mitchell's Original Wool Fat Shaving Soap

    Mitchell's Original Wool Fat Shaving Soap

  • Cleans & Exfoliates - Using a shaving brush as part of your routine helps keep skin clean and provides exfoliation which removes dead skin and prevents pore clogging
  • Incredible Lather - A shaving brush allows you to quickly whip up shaving soap into a luxurious lather and cover your skin quickly.
  • Save Money - Did you know you can actually save money by using a brush over shaving foam. A bar of shaving soap lasts much longer than a can of foam and using a brush like ours means you can create amazing lather from a bar of shaving soap.
  • Better Coverage - The bristles on the brush can go places your hands and fingers can’t reach. The bristles really do an amazing job of essentially lifting up the hairs and getting lubricant in every nook and cranny in and around your facial hair.
  • Animal Friendly - The Rochè shaving brush is made from Synthetic fibres which are manufactured to perfection providing an incredibly smooth feel across the skin. No animal fur is used to create the brush and is 100% Vegan.

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