Why You Should Use a Straight Razor

Why You Should Use a Straight Razor

Since the beginning of time beards and facial hair has been a part of a man. Some like to keep the scruffy lumberjack look and others like to have a nice baby face look. If you're trying to get the best clean shave you can possibly get then a straight razor will be the best transition you can get and we're going to discuss a few reasons why.

Instead of going to a barber for a straight shave you may need to get past a steep learning curve with a straight razor. Once you have gotten the technique down it can be almost a hobby of sorts. There is no way you can get as clean of a shave from a cartridge razor as with a straight razor you have full control over the manoeuvrability and can tackle those hairy spots on your face from any angle you can or need to get to.

With having full control over the blade, you will also be able to avoid razor burn. With cartridge razors you have many blades that by the time the final blade on the track gets to your hair it will not have as much lubricant to help cleanly take them off, causing them to tug at the hairs leading to razor burn/ skin irritation. Now with a straight razor you have one single blade that you will be using to shave off those hairs and have no worries of them getting pulled out of your face.

As we previously talked about before, along with preventing razor burn and irritated skin, it helps keep from getting ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are caused by the hair being tugged on and cut at whatever angle the cartridge razor is allowing you to cut them at. With the straight razor that is something you can put in the rear view and cut at any angle and not worry about it tugging on any of those hairs so you don't have to worry about them growing back at an angle you are not wanting underneath your skin.

I'm not normally a stickler for saving the environment, but imagine if everyone used cartridge razors to shave and think of all those disposable pieces getting thrown away on a daily basis. Now that's going to add up quite a bit. You can hold on to a straight razor for years and worst case scenario getting the blade touched up a few times a year by a professional or even the company you purchase the blade from might do it for you for free. That's of course if you don't want to learn the art of maintaining the item yourself.

Now, since we're on the topic of the disposable cartridges, think of how much money is being sunk into those blades every year. As said before you can hold onto a straight razor for years or even a

lifetime with the proper care and maintenance. Along with the blade shaving you it can become a part of your family in a way and start making an unavoidable activity that will have to be done the rest of your life into something that you can enjoy doing a few times a week and a new hobby of sorts with all the extras that come with it.

With using a straight razor becoming a hobby it can also be therapeutic/ relaxing for your mind, body, and soul. I have many friends who will go get their face professionally shaven with a straight razor just to feel like a brand new person, describing the process as almost a manly spa day. Now if you can get that routine down yourself, you will not only save money but relieve stress as well and make this part of your bathroom shaving ritual.

Imagine along with being more relaxed and less stressed your girlfriend or wife walks into the bathroom during a session of shaving. There is nothing more manly looking than using a straight razor to hack away at the jungle on your face known as your beard making not only you happy but the misses happy as well. I know many men like to keep a lumberjack look going to seem more manly when the manlier thing to do is hack away at that beard with a blade in your hand that is the lumberjack look’s kryptonite.

Now that the misses is happy, and loves how smooth your face feels after seeing the manliest routine take place, you can also make your kids happy with it one day. The straight razor can be a heirloom of sorts and be passed down from generation to generation with proper maintenance and care. This would also help raise their self-confidence from watching their dad shave in the manliest way possible growing up. Plus, it'd be a great bonding and fun experience for both you and your kid to learn and share for the rest of your lives and the generations to come.

The road to learning how to use a straight razor won't be easy, but with time and practice it can end up being a money saver and time saver in the long run. It could even become a more relaxing feeling than a chore you feel like you have to do on a weekly basis and something for the whole family to even possibly enjoy watching their dad or husband/ boyfriend partake in. As you can see there are many pros to shaving with a straight razor. The only thing that sucks is getting the process down and learning this foreign language for your routine of sorts.

Like anything though, with practice and persistence you can have a tremendous pay off in the end of making you feel more relaxed, save some money in the long run along with the environment, and even create a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation for your son and their sons after them. After mastering the art there is not much that can be complained about.

Conclusion - Phew!

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